The possibilities of free painting are incomplete if it was impossible to draw botanical illustrations on fabric.

Natalie Sokolova has created several series of paintings ON DRESS, united by a specific theme: butterflies, flowers, landscapes, animals, and all of them are striking in their realism and beauty.

Pictures with animals and the beautiful sea are no less interesting, looking at it somehow it is forgotten that they are painted on silk.

Attention is drawn to the coloring of Natalie’s floral DRES’s works – an ashen veil, a mother-of-pearl haze, sfumato turn her paintings on silk into a kind of mystery that I want to reveal, peering into the depth of the image. 

Sfumato – in painting, softening the outlines of figures and objects, which allows you to convey the air that envelops them. The sfumato technique was developed by Leonardo da Vinci in theory and artistic practice.

 Painting is done on artificial transparent silk!