My name is Natalie Sokolova. I am glad to welcome you to my online school. As you noticed, it is dedicated to batik, painting on fabric. But my first mutual love is watercolor.


All about watercolor

Amazing hand-made for dresses.Paiting on silk,batik.Today we will learn some of the secrets of working with watercolors and create a landscape on watercolor paper.Clean and vibrant, fresh and open. Obedient, but with character. They say that this is the most difficult technique.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. Probably, there are people who have watercolor lines in their character.

Let's ponder what are these features that are or that watercolor teaches:

Flexibility. Watercolor is a woman in all her glory. She can be tolerant and adapt to your hand, technique. But there is always the possibility that she will wave her tail and go the other way. And then, already you have to show flexibility and follow it, and what happens will ultimately be the fruit of both.


Our work