About Us

Hello, I am Natali Sokolova

I am glad to welcome you to the page of Contemporary Batik.

I paint on silk. At first, I made pictures and sold them successfully, but now I got the idea to paint on dresses for exclusive photo sessions.

Why is the graceful brush technique perfect for painting clothes:


Painting on silk is beautiful and self-sufficient at any stage

You can wear a discreet image (graphics) first, then give color. That is, it can transform and grow with you.

There is time to think

After all, our clothes are ready-made and they will be different for everyone. The drawing must be oriented in place. Directly, there are not many dresses. Such dresses are of course authors and individual. It is practically impossible to repeat the drawing twice.

IMG_20201120_224618 (1)

Choose what is exactly yours!

It is important to choose the style for the features of the figure. What is your neckline? Style? Accordingly, the drawing should fit.